A lavish, carefully and lovingly prepared breakfast buffet with products of the highest quality awaits you in our beautiful, cosy breakfast hut. A fully automatic coffee machine with a large selection of coffee specialities is also available for self-service.

Please do not be hesitate to report food intolerances in advance.

If you would like to enjoy a delicious breakfast with us as a non-hotel guest, please book in advance via: info@hotel-weilerhof.de

The breakfast is offered in buffet form incl. coffee specialties at a price of 15, 00 € / person.

Our breakfast

  • Different types of bread (protein, nuts, crackers, toast, gluten free, as well as black bread, mixed bread rolls, croissants, butter rolls, depending on availability at the time of booking
  • Delicious eggs from farmer Heiles of Rheinfeld
  • Scrambled eggs, fried eggs or boiled eggs are freshly prepared on request
  • Juices: Latourshof apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, pineapple juice, tangerine juice, tomato juice, carrot juice, various smoothie
  • Natural yoghurt, fruit yoghurt
  • Lactose-free products by arrangement: milk and yoghurt
  • Cereals: “my muesli” in different varieties, oatmeal, crunchy , cornflakes, assorted fruit and nut mix, dried banana slices, nuts
  • Cream cheese spreads: natural, paprika, dill, pepper, pineapple, garlic, Babybel, Kiri, Philadelphia
  • Liver pate
  • Salted and unsalted butter, margarine
  • Fresh fruit: apples, pears, bananas, grapes, kiwi, honeydew melon, raspberries and pineapple chunks, depending on the season
  • Cold cuts with different kinds of sausage and cheese
  • Various marmalades: strawberry, raspberry, apricot, peach, rhubarb, blueberry and cherry jam
  • Various Bread spreads: Nutella, peanut butter, honey, sugar beet, caramel and maple syrup
  • Coffee specialties: from coffee beans, cappuccino & cappuccino plus, latte macchiato, espresso in different variations
  • Assortment of different Teas
  • Cocoa specialties for self-mixing: Cocoa & Cocoa herb, Nesquik & Ovaltine

If you would like to request something else please inform us while booking.

Breakfast times

  • Monday to Friday

    From 06:30 am to 10:00 am
    Or earlier, by arrangement

  • Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

    From 09:00 am to 12:00 am
    Or by arrangement

How to get here. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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